Mental Health Week

May 7-13, 2018

Mental health is about more than mental illness.

It’s more than being happy all the time. It’s about feeling good about who you are, having balance in your life and in your thinking, and managing life’s highs and lows. Everyone deserves to feel well, whether they live with a mental illness or not. And we all need a support system to lean on when things are out of balance.

During CMHA Mental Health Week, let’s

#GETLOUD about what mental health really is.

Every May for the last 66 years, Canadians in communities, schools, workplaces

and the House of Commons have rallied around CMHA Mental Health Week.



Get shareables and other communications materials to #GETLOUD on social media and help spread the word.


Check back here on May 7 to send a letter to your MP about what mental health really is, and why it should be treated the same as physical health.

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Reaching out for help when in need

To find out more about Canadian Mental Health Association events and activities

for CMHA Mental Health Week, please visit our national Events Calendar.

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