There’s a common misperception that “good mental health” means feeling happy and “bad mental health” means feeling sad. In fact, a mentally healthy life includes the full range of human emotions—even the uncomfortable ones like sadness, fear and anger.

While feeling well means different things to different people, some things might actually apply to all of us: in order to thrive, we all need a good sense of self, and we all need purpose, contribution, hope, resilience and belonging.

We’ve condensed that knowledge into an informal list that you can use to check your own mental health. (You can find the sources we consulted below). It’s not a scientific tool, or a way to diagnose yourself. It’s just one way to check in with yourself about your mental health, and maybe guide you on how to support and improve it.

Read each statement and consider whether you “agree” or “disagree” with it.

Your sense of self

Your purpose and sense of meaning



Hope and enjoyment


If you or someone you love is struggling, there is hope and help: